Zest Festival

Eendracht: Unity, Accepting a World of Difference

Come and explore a melting pot of cultures

This year we want to celebrate the youthful energy of young sailors, explorers and women of the era who waited for their loved ones, received the attention of sailors or stepped onto a boat and had the spirit to travel to foreign lands. We will raise a glass to all those who’ve preceded us, recognising their contributions to our Australian society today and the human qualities which opened up new possibilities and connections to the world.

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Taste & Desire : The power of the beautiful

Japan & China

In 2015, we explored 17th and 18th century Dutch trade with Japan and China and Europe’s desire for the mysterious, alluring Asian exotic and the intoxicating desires for new things from tea, silk, porcelain, ceremonies and philosophy. Uncover the power of the beautiful.

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The Colour of Ritual : The spice of life

Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India

In 2014, the Zest Festival focused on colour and textiles, religions and philosophies and the important rituals in life from birth, death, marriage and the coming of age. We will be exploring the precious cargoes of dyes and textiles traded by the VOC and how these products impacted on Europe. Who made these dyes and textiles, what did they mean in daily life and how did the new trade affect there lives?

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Far from Home : Adventures, Treks, Exiles, Migration

South Africa

The Zest Festival 2013 cast its eye over the Indian Ocean to Cape Town in South Africa. This year Kalbarri explored our cultural connections to the Cape and celebrate these through dance, movement, art, music, performance, food and adventure. We uncovered the meaning of home and the power of travel to forge bonds and relationships over vast distances.

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Trade Winds Tasting Tent

2016 Zest Festival

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